Bartending Prices

Bartender Service: $175.00

-Includes up to 4 hours of bar service time, one hour of set up, and one hour of clean up
-Bartenders will bring red tubs and all bartending tools (bottle opener, corkscrew, etc.)
-One bartender is recommended per 100 guests

Basic Bar Mixing Package: $4.25 per person

-Rental Bar
-Plastic Cups
-Service Ice
-Cut Lemons & Limes
-Tonic Water & Soda
-Sweet & Sour
-Cranberry & Orange Juice
-Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, & Bottled Water
(minimum of 50 guests)

Cup and Ice Package: $1.95 per person

-10oz Clear Squat Cups (for wine)
-12oz Clear Cups (for cocktails)
-1lb Ice per person

Rental Bar: $50.00

Alcohol Pick Up: $35.00

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